Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mellisient Beez

Glass skulls filled with vodka > Birthday cake.


McCabe Center

These photos are of the McCabe Center "apartments" next to the Shell Station on MLK and Chicon, a halfway house for criminals. This is my guess at least. The rooms are teeny tiny all tile closets with metal bunkbeds and that's about it. When I walk past this building at night, lights must be out by midnight I think, the men lay in their bunkbeds which face the street, and will knock on the window or yell something or BARK. Yes, I have been BARKED AT by these men.

Naturally, I had to get a couple photos. They look how I feel when I scurry on past the building, avoiding eye contact with the peering eyes between the blinds. Creeped the fuck out and watched. look who is barking now, assholes!