Monday, February 23, 2009

Life and Death

It is interesting to me that humans have the ability to make decisions that may ultimately result in their "untimely" death. If you want, you could say that we make these decisions all day long: Do I cross the street? Do I smoke this cigarette? Get in the car? I'm not talking about those kind of choices. I am speaking of the risks we take when we decide to seek thrills and live on the edge. I personally would love to experience the thrill of sky diving or bungee jumping or hang gliding. I can't lie though, the very real risk of death in those situations is something that may hinder me from taking the plunge (lol, word play). However I have a feeling that eventually I will take the risk. If I were to die would it really be "too soon"? Perhaps for my loved ones, but I don't believe I will be aware of my absence on planet earth after death. Is that a selfish thought?

Whenever I am riding my bike on a road that does not have a bike lane (there are many roads like this in Austin) and a bus begins to whizz past me, I grip my handle bars as hard as I can, take a deep breath, and squeeze my eyes shut and envision my death by bus. If a bus has ever driven past you on your bike you know that it can be so close at times that you could reach your hand out and touch it. This is of course fairly scary. The bus is loud and fast; on my bike compared to the bus I am relatively silent and slow. I think of whether or not it would be intense pain or if it would just kill me quick and fast. A wave of relief passes me when I realize that I am still alive and well and I continue my journey. Something happens to me after these "near death" experiences, though. I start pedaling faster, faster than I ever normally pedal. I feel energized. Energized by mortality and how temporary life here on earth is. Keep on truckin!

WolfSapanther by Chelsea Shannon


Last week I took a little field trip to the University of Texas to wander around lookin' for beauty. My first and only known stop on my list was of course the Architecture Courtyard. I had been in the beautiful Architecture Library before, but never the courtyard. After seeing Khrystean and Alexandra's photos I knew that I was in for something special, but I was not prepared for how tranquil the courtyard was! After snapping a few pictures I ended up staying to sit down and take in the sights and aromas of spring.

After leaving the courtyard I stumbled upon greenhouses, fountains, grassy knolls, semi impressive architecture, fountains, lily pads, turtles, birds, and those animals we call students. I admittedly felt like an outsider and a little bit of a creep knowing that I was walking around campus only for observational and photographic inspiration, with no real destination in mind. Infiltration! If only certain areas of campus didn't smell like greasy burgers...what's that about?

Oh, please take note that the photos are finally able to be clicked on to enlarge. I'm updating from my mother's computer so I have come to the conclusion that blogging on my computer is fucked up.

It has been almost two years since I was last in Vermont, and the distance is starting to hurt. I was looking through some old photos I took in VT and think sharing one is in order. Expect more in the future.

Okay, one more.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy post V day

I was going to make a post of valentine's inspired photos yesterday, but I feel the day after Valentine's day is more appropriate. You don't need a scheduled day of the year to do something nice for yo' sweetie, and just as importantly, for yo'self!

I hope no one I'm friends with was feeling bummed yesterday about looove related issues. The only Valentines Day related issue that was on my mind yesterday was candy! What can I say, I am susceptible to chocolate covered coconut or peanut butter hearts. I made it the whole day and even night with out giving in to temptation. It wasn't until I was riding my bike home from Raymond's around 1 or so that my sweet toof took over and I made a SHARP left onto hemphill to get my fix at CVS. I got it. It. Was. Sooo. Good.

I hope these photos make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Morning Musings

Running my fingers over Tootie's hair//slowly//carefully//trying very hard not to disrupt the patterns and natural swirls of his fur.
He looks scared.

I woke up early today. 9:06 AM, the time as I type this, feels early. 8:00 AM, the time I woke up, feels ungodly. I'm sure Raymond is already up, doin' his thang, planning his day. I wish I was an early bird.

My urge for a cigarette brought me outside, barefoot on the cold concrete. I continue to be surprised by this recent development: cigarette addiction. Don't worry, I insist that I am in control and that this is just a fun phase that I will quit any day now. I wonder if it is going to stay cold as the day progresses. Today I welcome the cold.

Looking at Jessica's Panama photos gives me the greatest urge for another vacation. I need to be somewhere else. Somewhere foreign. Foreign not in the sense of different country, different ethnicity, different language; but simply foreign to me. An exotic local like Panama would be amazing and much appreciated, but not necessary. Being "somewhere else" can be so exhilarating. To smell different air, see different people, hear different sounds. All of that gives me such a rush. Take me anywhere! Omaha, Buda, Oklahoma! But if you're being generous (when I say you I mean my handsome 30 something financier of this vacation. Ain't nothin wrong with a lil fantasy)...India, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey.

Photographer Spotlight: Debbie Flemming

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sail me to the moon before it's too late

Come take a trip to my wonderland
I'll take you up to the highest hiiigh
I'll fill your world with ecstasssyyyy

These lyrics from Baby D's "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" crack me up. So codependent!

I hate how my scanner fucks up every picture I scan that has dark space. See all dem little lines?
I need to stop falling asleep with my window open, screen OFF, door unlocked. COME AND GET ME, TAKE MY SHIT.
In store for today: A man who ejaculates fire, exorcisms, the park, bathtubs filled with blood... o u kno.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birdz, Parts 1, 2, 3

Jus playin'. I was just telling someone how I run from what's stressing me out...often what I really need to be doing. This would be an example of that.


Remix 1:

Remix 2

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fly high

Get to know thy neighbor. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you have been living next door to a potential friend, drinking buddy, smoking buddy, or just a useful resource. Ya know, in case you need a cup of sugar or somethin'. Or in my case, a working bicycle!

These were my first trampoline pictures. I haven't totally achieved what I'm envisioning yet, but they are fun to take and even more fun to imagine different looks. I for sure want to get someone jumping on the trampoline wearing this CRAZY draped, white lace '80s party dress I got from New Bohemia recently. The best part is the name brand: Yessica!!!! Ryan McGinley is a genius for doing his road trip noods with trampolines. When you successfully get the shot with out the trampoline in the picture, it is pure magic.

I'm still having all these problems posting pictures on here. The small size is driving me crazy.

Sick as a rainbow

Being in the ocean always makes me feel like I'm just a little bit more part of nature. I guess it's the fact that I'm standing in a portion of the water that covers 70.8% of earth's surface.

These beach pictures are exactly the kind of photos that I would want from a trip to the beach. The pictures accomplished this by representing exactly what what I saw and experienced in person. Sometimes when I get photos developed they just don't turn out to be exactly what I was attempting to capture. Upon viewing them for the first time at CVS today, I could practically feel the sand, smell the sea, hear the waves, and even remember the cold water on my legs.

Take a look!

Sorry about the small size. They're bigger than this on my computer but I'm having some blogspot confusion on...well just about everything. I'll learn!

I don't know why, but the beach is slightly intoxicating. Must be all the salt...

Stay tuned for many more photo posts to come. You can get excited to see all the pictures of yourself that I have never scanned!

Oh, P.S.
Fuck you Chris Brown. How could you do that to RiRi? Did she sell more records than you? I hope you never sell another record ever again. Don't call him an animal, there are other more vicious words for a man who can do that to a woman, another being in general.